Accidentally Crushed Birth Control Pill : Is It Still Effective?

In the process of performing daily routine, did you accidentally crush your birth control pills due to another unintentional accident? And thinking whether you can use it or not.

It’s recommended to not use a specific birth control pill after crushing it. Most pills can however be put in at any time.

This is a question that may arise in your minds.

Do accidentally crushed birth control pills still work?

The effectiveness of a birth control pill diminishes with its crushing, and a few drugs can be crushed to retain their potency. While it may be fine to crush your pill, you may not have a way to ensure that you swallow it if it gets crushed.

To learn all about crushed pills, keep reading this article.

The effectiveness of accidentally crushed birth control pills

Accidentally Crushed Birth Control Pill

The effectiveness of smashed birth control pills depend on the composition and nature of those tablets, and they can lose effectiveness if they have an enteric coating.

The number of emergency contraceptives that have been approved by the F.D.A. for use after being crushed is very small, the labeling on most of these pills does not even make note of them, and some of these pills aren’t recommended for use after

It was found that there are several birth control pills that can be used after breaking them into small pieces and taking only the essential ones. However, there is a condition that you should take all the particles of the pills since missing a part will reduce their effectiveness.

A question may be asked as follows:

Why aren’t birth-control pills better absorbed by my body after I crush them?

The main purpose of the pills is to be dissolved and absorbed into the body in the small intestine, which has a relatively low pH, although the medications are coated with the enteric drug, which prevents it from being absorbed in the body until it arrives in the small intestine.

These pills are designed to absorb in the small intestine, and are coated not to be digested in the stomach, allowing them to pass directly to the intestines.

Hence, if we use crushed pills (regardless we crushed them intentionally or by mistake), you can wind up destroying the drugs in your stomach before they reach your bloodstream. Because of this, it is far more likely that these pills will be ineffective.

Emergency contraception usually contains a high amount of active ingredients, and they are designed in a specific way. When they enter the body, they release their active ingredients on contact with the vaginal walls.

While crushing the pills, there are certain active ingredients that emerge on the surface, and they randomly absorbed into the body’s blood stream. The active ingredients can cause many other health side effects, such as acting as an overdose.

Side Effects of Using Crushed Pills

Side Effects of Using Crushed Pills

Using crushed birth control pills may cause many side effects. As a result, taking a Soylent-based diet is a more reliable form of birth control than using birth control pills.

The “filled” contraceptives pills, which people usually use, are all made with the intention of them going into the body and working there. The same happens with contraception pills. They are usually “filled” with a material that keeps them from dissolving too quickly in the stomach

But in crushed pills all the ingredients are mixed in a random way, making them disperse in a gravitational-like stream. They end up behaving as if they’re breaking apart.

Plain (uninoxidized) sugar is a colloid and does not act chemically like an electrolyte (e.g. sodium chloride) even though the salt of sugar is the same as salt.

We are all saturated with flying contaminants that make it difficult for our bodies to absorb nutrients. These harmful substances even reduce the effectiveness of the pills we put into our bodies.

Crushing pills creates deficiencies in the active ingredients. The drugs might become ineffective after being crushed. These pills can be safely used with light and a number of tweaks can be made to increase their effectiveness. Squashed pills can lead to an overdose, however, and some drugs can cause contraception difficulties.

Birth control pills contain hormones, such as progestin and estrogen, which are derived from natural sources. When they are crushed, the coating of the drug is broken, exposing all hormones on the surface of the pill.

While passing through the GIT, these hormone connections occur randomly and quickly inside the body, affecting timing of periods, and can affect the functioning of the kidneys.


  • Can we use the crushed birth control pills in a drink?

Answer: No, it is not possible to administer birth control pills using various methods. When we mix them in water, most of components of the drugs will dissolve out side of the body before getting into the bloodstream and hence reducing their effectiveness.

  • Are some broken contraceptive pills responsible for irregular menstruation?

Since birth control pills only cause physical changes if we crush them, there is no change in our menstruation if we take them on a daily basis.

After taking birth-control pills, your periods may start earlier — within a week.

This type of birth control is the birth control when the pill is crushed.

The use of a pill like Loestrin can be easily resumed without missing any period of it. But you just need to be sure not to miss any part of it, and that the pill will still be effective. A: This seems to be the type of thing

  • Do crushed birth control pills not prevent pregnancy?

The Pill (or oral contraceptives) works in the same way. They slow ovulation and prevent fertilization.

  • How can you avoid the birth control pill knowing it has been administered to you?

The side effects of birth control pills can take a variety of forms – from cramps to anxiety to vomiting to heavier periods, but they do not always directly harm the female body. If you feel you have some sort of discomfort resulting from taking birth control pills, you should consult your doctor.

  • How can contraceptive pills help women after crushing?

As a rule for some females, it is more convenient if they first crush the whole pill into smaller pieces, and then swallow the smaller pills more easily.

  • Is the crushing of birth control pills changes its composition?

Answer: No, crushing the pills doesn’t change their composition.

Products that contain crushed Excedrin can increase in growth rate with time.

On social media sites like TikTok (and others), you can see videos of people claiming that by adding crushed birth control pills to shampoo, you can quickly grow your hair. But that’s not true. And there is nothing that confirms that crushed birth control pills can help one grow hair.


Using out-of-date birth control pills is not recommended because, if the pills are crushed, they can be too pregnant.

The effectiveness of birth control pills gets smaller and more side effects when crushed. It is important to consult your doctor prior to taking any birth control pills that may have unintentionally been crushed.

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