Blood Sugar Won’t Go Down – What to do?

We all know that exercise is important

There are people who develop generalized diabetes, but they don’t have the same control over their blood sugar as an individual without diabetes.

Well, we all have a cheat day.

We don’t want to stuff ourselves with bread, eat meat, or other pastries, be dull, or be submerged in a culture that is already several hundred years old, and only artificially modernized and made more attractive to we, our surroundings.

That’s why the fluctuations in the sugar levels come into play.

If sugar refuses to drop, there are certain actions you can take to avoid future complications. And that is what we will be discussing here today.

There are ways to lower blood sugar, but these measures are very drastic at times.

Here we go, let’s do it.

High blood sugar: The problems

Blood Sugar Won’t Go Down

Insulin is the main hormone that helps in regulating and keeping the level of glucose in the blood.

Levels of over 200 mg/dl of glucose can cause a number of problems with a patient’s body, such as brain damage.

According to the Mayo Clinic, risks associated with pre-eclampsia are hypertension (high blood pressure), feed back loop, abdominal pain, difficulty breathing and unusual bleeding, and loss of kidney function.

If you’re wondering “what is Diabetic Ketoacidosis and what are some of the issues that may arise?” We’ll cover those in this article later on. But what does Diabetic Ketoacidosis mean?

Diabetic ketoacidosis: The what and the why

The condition of diabetic ketoacidosis occurs when the blood glucose level is extremely high. This problem affects mostly Type-1 diabetics, as their bodies cannot properly handle the growth of ketones to an excessive level.

The diabetics can no longer produce the amounts of sugar they need. The Type-2 patients are only at the mercy of their body’s ability to produce insulin.

The symptoms of DKA are as follows:

Fearing dehydration, their lips are rough and their tongues parched. Their stomachs are restless; they feel sick. Shouldn’t they be thirsty? On the other hand, they are quite tired, at

Because DKA is life-threatening, quick and effective treatment is necessary. If DKA is not treated, then it may end up resulting in death.

It’s a good idea to keep tabs on your blood glucose levels by testing it on a regular basis. If it’s anything above 250 mg/dl, then you should probably go to the doctor and have yourself checked out.

Lowering blood sugar: Things you can do

Achieving the safe blood sugar level is not easy.

Not only can following these rules help you get your daily sugar intake down, but you can also reduce your risk for other diet-related health problems.

Here are some ways to bring your blood sugar back down to normal.

Exercise: Stick to the old methods

A smartphone can help someone build stronger bones.

When you exercise, your muscles become sweeter. This means that your sugar levels drop when you exercise.

In general, the value of regular exercise cannot be measured.

The best way to prevent excess levels of glucose in your blood is to take a walk for more than 20 minutes, which will make your heart beat faster, and thus push the extra glucose into your blood.

If you find the routine too simple, then you could always get help from a trainer. They can work out a routine that works for you!

Don’t skip daily insulin doses

While it may be a good idea to do a bit of research, it’s probably best to just go with what you know.

If you check your blood sugar levels after thirty to forty-five minutes, you’ll know whether or not your insulin is still effective. This is an important step in managing your diabetes.

If you don’t see any improvement, then contact your physician.

Increase your protein intake and a slow approach

Fruits and vegetables rich in protein can reduce blood sugar during blood glucose surges. Hence, it is important to consume foods with high protein levels.

Drink Water: The obvious remedy

Drink Water The obvious remedy

Drinking water can cure any number of things. For instance, it can help people who have diabetes to manage their health.

Always stay hydrated. Also make sure that you drink enough water to avoid acidity.

Keep a set minimum daily calorie intake.

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Final Thoughts

You should consider the above actions if your blood sugar won’t go down.

It would be better to create your own habits. Otherwise, the impact won’t be extensive.

Good luck!

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