Can a UTI Affect a Pregnancy Test? All you Need to Know!?

The excitement and anxiety we feel when we think about if we are pregnant is awesome, and the extra stress that the infection causes is a bummer.

So… you must be wondering if a UTI can affect a pregnancy test?

The test is not conclusive in all circumstances, men may have a UTI where pregnancy test is negative, but do not have this female hormone. For this reason, pregnant women should consult with a doctor or midwife if they have such condition.

Without a moment to waste, let us now walk you through the complete guide to pregnancy with UTI.

How does a pregnancy test work?

Can a UTI Affect a Pregnancy Test

In order to understand how pregnancy tests work as easy as possible, firstly you should know how they work.

In all of a woman’s stages of life, including pregnancy, hormones control all moods, emotions, and feelings.

The hormone that is being examined is called human chorionic gonadotropin. It is abbreviated as HCG.

During pregnancy, HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin)—normally in males only—increases in a pregnancy test. If an individual’s HCG levels are high, this is a positive pregnancy test.

HCG levels gradually increase, so one week is the best time to take a pregnancy test because they rise so quickly. One study showed that HCG rises twice as fast if a pregnancy test is taken five days after the missed period.

The two main ways to test pregnancy are urine test & blood test.

Urine Test 

The idiot box in Pregnancy recently premiered, with its story telling of reality. For that female viewer, the test for pregnancy will give her an idea of whether she is pregnant or not.

A home pregnancy test which works by mixing together a urine sample and two urine test pads can be purchased cheaply at supermarkets.

Both these tests can tell you if the HCG levels are higher or lower than normal. They just provide a positive or negative result, but they do not provide additional information about the amount of HCG. These tests are quite accurate, most of the time.

Inhome pregnancy test kits

This urine kit contains a stick and a few pellets of gel.

When a pregnancy test comes out as positive or negative, it is usually indicated immediately on the packaging.

Sometimes, even with instructions advised, sometimes the results get misinterpreted due to the appearance of lines. For example, people tend to think the positive results in the test came from the vapors evaporation.

This is an easy, efficient, and reliable test. But, it may only give a rough estimate.

When injured or ill

Time is required to test blood levels for this hormone, and the same limits apply.

This test is usually more accurate, however.

If you don’t wish to wait that long, then it’s better to get a home kit at first.

Blood Test 

This testing requires taking blood from your body and waiting for approximately two to three days to get an answer.

In the most accurate lab tests, they are the most successful. Even the lowest amounts of HCG can be detected.

There are mainly 2 types of blood test.

A qualitative one cannot detect the exact quantity of HCG, like how many cells there are in a body or whether there are complications with pregnancy because it’s qualitative. Quantitative can only see the amount of HCG in a person’s body and can be used to detect problems or problems with

Next time you use a pregnancy test, you’ll know exactly how and why it’s done.

A test for HCG – hormone in urine test- could detect a pregnancy.

Based on the clinical symptoms and medical history, the possibility of a UTI is low. However, even though it is unlikely that the result is false positive, it is possible for UTI to cause a false negative result.

What could be reason for a false negative?

Hepatitis C rarely affects a women’s hormone levels. But, it might indirectly affect the amount of hormones as well as the pH level of urine.


Due to the frequent occurrence of UTI, urine flow can be hard to control for some women.

Computerized home pregnancy tests can be a source of confusion for those who have not provided a comfortable and proper environment to store the devices and the urine sample. They experience extreme constipation without proper urine collection.

If urinating into the cup for at least ten minutes, then the urine should be enough.


According to a doctor, if a woman is in a severe state of infection when she goes on antibiotics, it is possible that the composition of her urine can change due to the antibiotic and for this matter it could become a negative sample.

Drink lots of water

In order to minimize urinary tract infections or its symptoms, women often flush a lot of water down the toilet or take a restroom break. Overflowing urine may cause the urine to become cloudy or less accurate, so it cannot accurately detect UTIs.

It is no longer surprising to find out that a UTI can affect pregnancy tests. It is straightforward to say that a UTI can’t affect pregnancy tests directly, but indirectly it can.

For UTI, it’s best to have a blood test before a urine test.

It’s possible you could have any number of different reasons for why you don’t feel like you’re pregnant, so you might want to consider checking into them.

Congratulations first, for being a UTI exception! Secondly, if you are worried that your UTI symptoms could affect your pregnancy, then let’s get that answered.

Does UTI affect unborn babies?

Does UTI affect unborn babies

For most children, urinary tract infections pose no threat. But, if a UTI spreads to the kidneys, it can affect the baby and you severely.

Symptoms of a kidney infection

Regular use of multivitamins can reduce/prevent NauseaUpper back pain, usually on one sideVomitingFever

These symptoms, together with the symptoms that most women normally experience, will be there. Never think that you’re alone. With pregnancy, women experience UTI symptoms, so at some point, tell your friend.

If you get an UTI, do your best to avoid antibiotics. In the event that a UTI turns into a kidney infection, you need to see which of the signs are presenting themselves and contact a doctor.

Infections of the kidneys can cause damage to the body, and sometimes the baby, including preterm birth and low birth weight. It can also cause anemia, pneumonia and affect other organs.

All these negative points must make you wonder if there’s a way to get out of this dump. Luckily for you, I have the perfect solution lined up for you!

Treatments for urinary tract infections

Pregnancy is a huge responsibility, that is why you shouldn’t treat UTI the same way as before the pregnancy. So let’s look at home treatments and medications for UTI during pregnancy.

Medical Treatment

For people with severe UTIs, the conventional recommendations for treating them call for 3-7 days of antibiotic treatment. These are the antibiotics like penicillin or amoxicillin, and are ones that don’t harm babies.

There are times when a few days of antibiotics will clear up your symptoms, but you need to keep the medication running until all the prescribed antibiotics are finished.

You know that this is very important. If left uncompleted, the course could return and get worse.

Home Treatments

Self-treatment options for UTIs can be found. These options include treatment of the bladder to help break up the newly-created biofilm and prevent recurrences, as well as the medicine to prevent the bladder from

Drinking plenty of water

This is the very next thing that influences the quality of your life.

It is important to drink a lot of water every time you urinate; this will dilute the urine, thereby reducing the burning sensation. It will also flush the urinary tract of any unwanted bacteria.

Urinating when needed.

It is important to know that holding the urine can lead to forming stones and other problems in the urinary tract and should be avoided.

Using Probiotics

Probiotics are foods that contain good bacteria. Probiotics help the body in several ways, like improving gut health, stopping infections in the urinary tract and so on.

Probiotics take on many forms. 1- They help the body in a variety of ways, including removing pathogens, improving the immune system, and reducing symptoms in people who suffer from antibiotic-resistant infections and various inflammatory diseases. 2- Using prob

Probiotics are found in large quantities in yogurt and sauerkraut. In addition, they’re available as a probiotic supplement, in tablet form.

The bottom line is, we need to make sure we keep a healthy daily habit of consuming probiotics to keep our bodies healthy.

A few ways to reduce the number of UTIs you endure.


  • Does UTI give a false positive pregnancy test?

Uti in severe cases, even in ones that causes an increase in RBC, WBC and nitrite, rarely causes a false positive in the urine test. It is possible to be aware of the issue and ask for a blood test.

  • Can I receive a false negative pregnancy test if I have a yeast infection?

The answer is no, and your pregnancy test will not show any sign of yeast infection

  • When is the best time to take an in-home pregnancy test?

Morning urine provides the best way to test for pregnancy, and testing from midstream is best.


The UTI can affect a pregnancy test, so you must know the answer to can a UTI affect a pregnancy test or not.

If you check with a doctor and confirm that you have missed your period, or there is other evidence of a pregnancy, you still should not have sex with a brand-new partner.

UTIs can be cured by following a few simple procedures.

So there were no concerns at all. I hope the article helped! chaotic character if there are any paragraphs or easy to be paraphrased sentences that you foundnot clear ( You can paraphrase it by your own

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