When you pee, it smells like ham. How do I get rid of it?

I have noticed that people can smell urine over long distances. However, the only time that it should reach your nose is if you drink seven glasses of water every day. One of the probable reasons for this is that your urine doesn’t have a strong smell to place you off guard.

Actually, most people have no worry. A bad smell is often not due to illness but is governed by unhealthy habits, unhealthy food, or an uncomfortable situation.

If you are aware of what your pee smells like, you are some kind of odor expert. Perhaps you could explain us what that does to your pee smell.

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Urine smells like fish: Reasons and prevention

Urine smells like fish

Odor originates from chemical compounds that come from living organisms. Odor is due to bacteria that can give off a smell. Here is the science behind this.

You shouldn’t be drinking enough water

The reason the number one thing that contributes to urine that smells is not taking enough fluid. Although 7-8 glasses of water per day would be good for your body, you don’t need to drink that much.

As your body gets dehydrated, your kidneys will send out a vibration alert telling you when you are losing fluids. Drink plenty of water daily to avoid dehydration.

  • Food Habit 

Sometimes what you eat beforehand can make your urine smell kind of like that. However, there are many other factors that can alter urine smell.

And other foods items, such as onions, Brussels sprouts, garlic, curry, alcohol, salmon and sometimes coffee, are also capable of altering the smell of your urine. The most significant factors altering smell are too much salt and concentrated urine.

  • UTI

In women, UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) is an impressive bacterial infection of the bladder and/or kidneys that can produce urine odor. 220 million women suffer from it all over the world.

Normally, when there is a strong ammonia odor, the urine may look grayish or red. Sometimes, this odor signals a urinary tract infection.

The bigger scale effect is kidney failure. So when you notice your urine is smelly for two or three days, visit your doctor and take medicine. That will cure most of the issues in the initial stages of the disease.

  • Yeast Infection

You will smell fishy stinkier if you have a yeast infection. You might experience Irritable Bowel Syndrome if you smell ham. You might have genetic disorders if you have a fish stink in your vaginal.

It is a common disease that makes you have a desperate body odor even if you are clean, shower, or bathe.

In contrast to men, this illness is more frequent in women, although it can occur before or during menstruation and after taking oral contraceptives or menopause.

  • Ovulating 

During the women’s monthly cycle, oestrogen and progesterone are also working, even though they take place on a smaller scale. These are the same hormones that help women to become pregnant when they are ovulating.

It is not uncommon for women to become more sensitive to their own scent while ovulating, which explains why women have more than their share of “am I ovulating?” bathroom trivia.

A study of Biological Psychology revealed that although hormones don’t change the taste or odour of your urine, they can increase your ability to smell it. This means that knowing the time of your period, you won’t be surprised by the suddenly foul smell.

  • Other

There are several reasons why your urine could smell like ham.

Diabetes with medication side effects.

A few things to watch out for when peeing.

  • Mild Symptoms

Quick and frequent urination, burning sensation while peeing, the change in the urine color, frequent urination, abdominal pain, the frequent urination during a period.

  • Severe Symptoms

Common side effects of exercising in the heat

What do urine smell like? Physiological and pathological conditions can interfere with your sense of smell.

Pregnant urine smells like ham

There are several reasons, but the primary ones are increased hormones that leave you feeling fuller, frequent urination, and increased ammonia levels from the liver. During first trimester, the smell can change for the worse. Dr. Vinita Khemani from Kalkata said in her research that “Hormones released during pregnancy might cause urine to have a more strong odor, especially during the first trimester,” Kalkata commented that the smell can be easily camoufl

Urine can smell like smoke

Not everyone can inhibit getting a smell of smoke out of their pee but is not ok to let it pump out of the stream.

Even though bacteria may alter the urine as it sits in the bladder, it will usually remain a pleasant, meaty smell. If your urine contains too much yeast, however, it could smell like smoke.

Using alcohol and urine to clean toys and other items is bad for the toys and other items. Rather than using this technique, try to detoxify your toys and other items.

The smell of urine can be an indication of ketosis

The smell of urine can be an indication of ketosis

People with diabetes may experience a smell in their urine if there’s a high level of ketones in their bloodstream. Diabetics are known to have ketones in their blood.

In the event that the body doesn’t have enough sugar to fuel it, it will necessarily produce ketones. This occurs overnight or during a fast.

There is nothing to be alarmed about with moderate ketones, because when the body undergoes exercise, it will produce ketones in your urine. There is nothing to fear, as long as you exercise frequently.

However, if you have diabetes, your blood sugar levels can lead to a dangerous ketone buildup. Low blood sugar and ketones can lead to unconsciousness and coma.

Ketoacidosis is a potentially life-threatening metabolic condition that needs rapid medical treatment. Some people with ketoacidosis were diabetic.

Ketoacidosis is usually identified by a sweet, strong smelling urine during the initial stages of hyperglycemia. Diabetics should work towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle to help prevent this condition.

Muscle Flexing: What I Eat

The relationship between food you eat, your urine, and your urine’s fragrance can be important clues in your wellbeing. There is a disease called maple syrup urine disease. It is caused by a lack of another enzyme produced in the pancreas. Too much sugar intake can lead to such condition.

The disease happens mostly in kids, and it doesn’t let the body breakdown certain amino acids.

Once amino acids start to build up in your blood, you know you have ketosis, a condition characterized by a buildup of branched-chain alpha-keto acids in your urine and earwax. When you suffer from this condition, you could experience several side effects, including seizures, sleepiness, irritability, and poor eating.

When you are out and about, make sure that you are aware of the characteristics of your child’s urine.

We also have to talk about the terrible smell.

Because not all foods mold into substances in the body, you can find all sorts of conditions which lead to foul-smelling urine, including rotten and sometimes moldy foods, garlic, asparagus, and onions.

In this disease, your body is unable to break down a molecule called trimethylamine. This chemical gives urine, breath, and skin a note of rotten eggs, trash, or decaying seafood.

Three kinds of tyrosinemia involve issues with the amino acid tyrosine: To symptoms, body fluids have a smell when you smoke and when breath to drink.

Urine smells like vomit

If you notice a vomit-like smell coming out of your pee, you have a serious illness: dyspepsia (stomach ache), gastritis (inflammation of the stomach), peptic ulcer (A digestive disease in which the gastric acid, pepsin, and/or b

Your urine will smell like bacon

Pee shouln’t smell like bacon. This is the only truth. If you haven’t been ingesting too much pork lately, this may be reason for a resulting lack of water in your system.

If you have similar symptoms to this, they mean you need to be concerned.

Here are some of the medical reasons that might be causing your urine to smell like bacon:

Liver disease typically results in yellow skin and eyes, dark and unpleasant urine, and pain, vomiting, and nausea.

Sometimes, different kinds of minerals and waste products are deposited in your kidneys and form hard stones. When this happens, these stones can cause pain, result in infected urine, and cause people to feel nauseated.


One of the first things you should do to deal with your problem is drink lots of water to keep your colon clean, kidney healthy, and overall system hydrated. Get plenty of fruit and vegetables to keep your skin glossy and look healthy. Reconsider your diet and limit the amount of sugar you consume. Symptomatic situations may also require a doctor’s attention. **Additional Resources** * [Essential Tips on Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation for Writing Research Papers](https://www.scribbr.com/writing/library/


2. What does it mean when urine smells like bacon?

KETOSIS: Ketosis is a condition in which a person has burned fat* rather than glucose*

So the reason your pee smells like bacon is that it is cleared of bacteria first, leaving all the other stuff that you have in your toilet bowl.

3. Does STI make your urine smell?

The chlamydia is a disease that can cause your urine to smell. It can be easily treated, but it is difficult for a doctor to diagnose without a urine sample.

My urine still smells, even though I don’t have an infection.

A minority in ammonia is diluted in the presence of water, leading to a decrease in the speed of smell.

Bottom Line 

You can wonder about your urine and whether it smells like ham or not. You can do something about it by drinking water, and hoping for a better day, with all the antioxidants and fiber it contains.

But, if you have other associated health issues along with it, you should be more cautious and see a doctor. However, the bottom line is prevention is a better solution. Drinking lots of water is your best solution to such problems.

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