Weight Loss After Nexplanon Removal: Facts Explained!

Women want to know if after Nexplanon removal I will be able to lose weight, since most birth control methods cause weight gain. Ultimately, the unplanned breasts return to their original weight after the birth control method is removed.

This article will discuss the specific reasons behind weight gain while on Nexplanon, and the process of Nexplanon removal will also look into weight loss.

Nexplanon is one of the oral hormonal contraceptives that shows 99 percent efficacy. It reportedly allows women to remain in menstrual cycle for years with little or no side effects. However, the contraceptive’s continued popularity is coming under attack because it is not used by all women of all races, unlike the popular choice of the pill.

To understand more about it, look to the end. You’ll be surprised to know the factors.

Nexplanon causes the body to retain water and salt. As a result, the body can contain more fluid and become swollen. To paraphrase it, you can do either of these two sentences. 1- It is a fact of life that more water

Risks of an Intense and Quick Weight Gain with Nexplanon

Weight Loss After Nexplanon Removal

You could think of the birth control implant you’ve been given as a bit like a fat suit. Weight gain can be a common side effect, but is exactly how much you gain on Nexplanon?

It mainly depends on the body composition of women. Some women gain more weight as compared to others. A few do not gain any weight at all.

Hormonal Imbalance

The hormonal imbalance is the main reason for Nexplanon users getting a false pregnancy due to an increase in their own progesterone levels.

This form of the hormone can interfere with the normal functions of a person’s body, including weight gain and moodiness.

Reduced Metabolism

The contraceptive implant reduces metabolism. This means that the body can no longer use the energy properly. Metabolism is reduced and the body may change energy from carbs and fats into the storage and excretion of calories: stored on the hips or above the belly.

It can cause a quick weight gain.

Water Retention

Nesplanon insertion to the body increases the body’s store of water and salt. So with it, body will retain more water causing weight gain.

The body looks bloated, as if you have gained weight.

Depression and Mood Swings

One of Nexplanon’s adverse effects may be depression and mood swing, because of feeling down.

People who eat unhealthy and more than their required intake can gain an enormous amount of weight. Women using Nexplanon implants (page 13) are especially susceptible to weight gain.

Irregular Periods

An IUD can cause spotting between the periods or irregular periods (or stopping a period altogether), and causes disrupt in the menstrual rhythm.

The reason is hormone imbalances. This condition can result in body weight gain.

How long beyond removing Nexplanon will you lose weight?

Despite being individualized, a person’s body composition differs on many margins. The way of losing weight generally varies on different ones. Many women cannot take the Nexplanon out in a fixed time.

It will help if, on the day you start preparing to lose weight in the future, you start drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water. This will assist in your metabolism. Once your metabolism is greater, the process of shedding pounds will be easier.

After removing a breast implant, women may take 6 to 8 months to shed the 10 pounds they gained for skin and other reasons. However, diet and exercise are important factors that can influence your weight loss process.

If you remove the hormones from your body, the body will lose weight rapidly. Away from the hormones, your body will eventually function normally again, and you will ultimately lose the weight.

How to lose weight safely after Nexplanon removal

However, any amount of weight you are able to drop and keep off with regular weight-loss measures is considerable. When your body once again works the way it did without the way of measuring bars and numbers. This will increase your metabolism and thus stimulate weight loss.

Fortunately, there are some proven ways to lose weight after Nexplanon removal. Here are a number of these techniques.

Dietary Changes

Switch to a healthy diet. Healthy food includes fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meat. Add all these things into your diet according to the proper portion.

Proper nutrition is very important for your health. Eating healthy foods will help you lose more weight after you have removed Nexplanon from your body.


Always drink around 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. Not only will this increase your metabolism, it will also help you lose weight faster.

Most human body systems depend on water in order for them to function properly. It is through that mechanism that drinking enough water is important. Fuelling the human metabolism is one reason water is so essential.


A divorce can settle your mind if you know you might be free of all birth control implants. So, you might get the motivation to unlock yourself from the nothingness if you realize your fate isn’t 50/50 anymore.

This is the ideal time to exercise to stimulate your metabolism and improve cardiovascular health. How about jogging, walking, or marching in place to start?

Follow an ever-increasing calorie intake and intensity to a healthy BMI.


The more time one gets at night, the lighter they will be in the morning. A good 8 hours is the key to staying energised.

People who sleep less than eight hours a night and lose proper energy levels usually eat more, which causes additional weight gain.

To keep a healthy mind and body, have a proper mind and body.

Be patient.

When you remove a body part it usually takes a period of time for the body to return to normal.

In this time, if your healthy life and diet have not worked, after a few days you should just start working your excercise. As the body will return to normal, you will start losing weight.


  • What happens to your body after Nexplanon removal?

Answer: After a Nexplanon removal, the participants may experience the numbness of that area. Certain changes in the body systems start to occur after these procedures. These changes include certain versions of the normal operation of the hormones and weight loss.

  • After Nexplanon removal, can a menses resume?

Removing a hormonal birth control implant is a simple procedure that restores a woman’s natural fertility. Once Nexplanon is removed, normal fertility will return in 1 month. An in vitro fertilization (IVF) program may be advisable for women seeking to conceive shortly after the

  • How long would you lose weight after getting an implant out?

Answer: Progesterone does not replace natural progesterone hormones. It is dispensed too soon. The body begins to lose muscle mass. Both men and women feel like an athlete on this supplement. You start losing your weight in a month or as quickly as a day.

  • What risks/long-term discomforts are involved in Nexplanon removal?

Answer: Nexplanon Implant Removal is not painful. As a doctor numbs the area using local anesthesia, you experience a slight tension, just like when you take a deep breath. However, it’s important to have proper attention after Nexplanon removal to avoid any infections at the implant site.

Bottom Line

A majority of women using birth control, most of them with Nexplanon, complain of gaining weight. Most birth control methods have the same side effect of weight gain. Original: According to an analysis released earlier this week, carbon credit investing, supported by a small

Before choosing a particular method of birth control, you should ensure that it is universally used, works everywhere, and most importantly, that it is best suited for you.

You should always speak to a doctor before choosing any method of birth control.

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